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Loan for marriage: Fast Payday Loan Online

Loan for marriage: Fast Payday Loan Online

What are the characteristics of the most suitable payday loan for the wedding or for the honeymoon ?

The big day is organized by the spouses in detail, sometimes planned years in advance, it is therefore essential to find a form of financing that is well suited to their needs and that contributes to the realization of the dream as it was imagined and designed by its protagonists.

It is therefore necessary to find a payday loan that is:

  • Customizable, according to the needs of the spouses;
  • Simple to request;
  • Not bound.

The payday loan responds perfectly to these needs, giving the opportunity to give life to their projects in the most appropriate way.

Here is all the information necessary to the newlyweds to request the payday loan:

  • the sum disbursed can fluctuate between € 2,000 and € 60,000
  • the amount must be proportionate to the income and repayment capacity of the holder
  • the payday loan can be requested with the minimum documentation and without the specification of the motivation
  • the interest rate is fixed and the constant rate is chosen according to personal needs (up to a maximum of 120 months)
  • the money is credited directly to the customer’s current account
  • the reimbursement takes place with deduction from the current account or postal bills
  • the provision of this form of financing is reserved for employees, pensioners, self-employed workers, artisans and entrepreneurs
  • the applicant must be between the ages of 18 and 70 and be an Italian or foreign citizen with residence in Italy – for a minimum of one year – and with a valid residence permit
  • the holder must have a good credit position.

The advantages that this payday loan offers and that make it ideal for financing a wedding are varied, in detail:

  • customization: installment and duration
  • rapid delivery, already obtainable in a few days
  • taxable and competitive
  • the absence of additional expenses

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